How Sunland Saves Money with RMS Software

Just like all business owners, Sunland needed the ability to monitor expenses in order to catch utility irregularities that may be physically visible.

Find out how Sunland prevented losing over $96,000 in utility bills with RMS's advanced reporting. 

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"RMS provides us with the tools to monitor expenses and find irregularities in resort costs and operations. If something is not tracking the budget, we then investigate the cause.”

Phil Dore
Regional Manager & Auditor, Silver Palms RV Resort


About Sunland RV Resorts

Since 1983, Sunland RV Resorts has elevated the art of outdoor hospitality. Its nine resorts in California and Florida offer the upscale amenities and robust experiences that were once exclusive to luxury hotels. Naples RV Resort & Boat Club is one of the brand’s most celebrated properties.

Find Out How to Save Costs with RMS 

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