3 Features Unique to RMS’s Reservation and Property Management Solution

3 Features Unique to RMS’s Reservation and Property Management Solution

The time has come: you’re finally ready to start vetting a new reservation and property management system. But it’s no easy feat. Companies across the hospitality industry all tell you they have the perfect solution, so you’re left to do the hard competitive research yourself.

Here at RMS, we’re proud of our reservation and property management system’s powerful features and customer service. From 24/7 support to customizable dashboards, our reservation management software can easily streamline operations for both guests and management alike. While some of these features are available with other software solution providers, having all of them in one place is what distinguishes our reservation and property management solution. 

Explore other campground and RV park owner’s favorite unique features included in our all-in-one platform:


1. Our In-Depth Guest Portal

After your guest books their reservation, they’ll likely receive a confirmation email from you and eagerly await their stay. But should a guest have to modify their existing reservation, they’ll most likely need to reach out to you directly for assistance. By giving guests access to their own Guest Portal, you won’t need to be part of the equation.

With a Guest Portal, guests have the ability to manage their reservations before they arrive. They can view interactive maps of your property, check on their guest rewards points, adjust their check-in/out time, add upgrades for their stay, view payment history, and more, all without having to call your front desk. 

Our Guest Portal at RMS even allows guests to message you right inside their private login instead of having to track you down online or call to get in touch. Learn more about our Guest Portal’s robust guest communication features here.


2. Our Multi-property Management Tool

Managing multiple properties while prioritizing the guest experience can be quite a challenge, but having the right reservation and property management solution can help you operate smoothly. It can eliminate the need for more than one property management system and centralize your properties in one streamlined database.

Set up user permissions across all your properties so each employee or manager can access their own dashboard specific to their campground, marina or RV park location — all under one main reservation and property management system. Leadership can manage access permissions for unique users, showing them only the tools they need to do their job. Custom views and dashboards based on the type of property and needs of the individual location make organization possible for each and every user. 

Best of all, you can have all these individual features while still maintaining industry-specific customization like separate banking, unique logos on invoices, custom reporting, and more. It’s all possible with RMS.

Do you want to learn more about how our property management solutions can help streamline your business operations? Request a demo to get a closer look at our software, first-hand.

3. Our Drilled-Down Reporting Tool

Your current reservation and property management system may help you manage the basics of day-to-day operations, but do the reporting and analytics features stack up? Without insights into your campground, marina or RV park(s) performance, you’ll lack the data-driven data you need to push ever closer towards operational excellence. 

Dig deeper into your business analytics and get insights on your property with our robust reporting tool at RMS. We interface with your accounting software to make financial reporting possible from one, centralized place. From ongoing taxes owed, revenue received, or occupancy reports and trends, you’ll have the numbers you need to make important improvements, continually. You can also view important occupancy rates, seasonal fluctuations, even marketing insights by integrating with a CRM or other crucial software. 

You even have the ability to create your own operational reports and schedule them to be automatically sent to your inbox on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  Set your own custom reporting, dashboard views, and delivery preferences to ensure you always have the information you need.

Operational Excellence Starts with RMS

When choosing a reservation and property management system for your campground or RV park, you want to ensure the software checks off all your boxes.

Are you ready for a solution designed to streamline multiple properties and interconnect operations, once and for all? We’ve got your roadmap for getting started.

Download our guide, How to Achieve Operational Excellence with a Reservation Management System, to learn how to simplify multi-property management with one platform today. 


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