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5 Red Flags When Looking for a Hotel PMS
Hotel Management System, Property Management System, E-Book, Marketing, Awards & Recognition, Data Security

It's time for a new property management system (PMS), but any hotelier knows making the switch can be a bit of a daunting task. 

6 ways to protect your business from cyber attacks
Data Security

In today’s sophisticated world, a standard username and password is no longer strong enough to prevent unauthorized users from gaining…

4 things you need to know about phishing
Data Security

Throughout September, we’ll be sharing four blog posts as part of our security series, focusing on cyberattacks, business protection and a…

Crisis Management: Is Your Marina Prepared?
Data Security

Natural and man-made disasters can happen anywhere, and affect any structure. That’s why every home or business, including boat marinas,…

Crisis Management: Is Your Hotel Prepared?
Data Security, Hotels & Resorts

When guests stay at your hotel, there are a lot of things you know they expect—a clean room, quality Wi-Fi, a large flat screen,…

Crisis Management: Is Your Campground Prepared?
Data Security, Campground & Holiday Park

When guests stay at your campground, there are a lot of things they probably expect — a nice campsite, fire rings, a shower area, dog…