Top Tips to Manage Multi Properties with a Reservation System
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Top Tips to Manage Multi Properties with a Reservation System

Managing multiple properties doesn't have to be a headache. With the right multi-property management system and software for example, you can oversee everything and address daily operations, all in one place. Here are the top tips to consider, when you're managing multiple properties.


Get On the Cloud

By using a cloud-based multi property management system, owners can maintain a thorough overview of all their outdoor properties, no matter where they are. Being able to see and manage properties anywhere, at any time, is a convenient way to ensure that all properties are getting the attention they deserve.

Not only that, but being on the cloud is a great way to manage multiple properties with a solution that's easy, convenient, and efficient. Using the cloud means management and staff can interact and communicate in real-time across campgrounds, RV parks, and marinas. A secure database and automatic backups ensure that you won't lose data, even if there's a glitch, a power outage, or some other problem.

Build Your Ideal Tech Stack

The right reservation management system is an extremely important part of understanding how to manage multiple properties.  A great system should allow owners to incorporate powerful third-party options in order to create an enhanced guest experience and maximize the bookings at your outdoor properties.

One of the third-party opportunities you'll want to consider is OTAs, or online travel agencies. Being integrated with these OTAs means anyone who's looking for a campground or similar space online will be able to find you and what you offer. That makes it easier to book space with you, which results in an increase in your bookings.

When you partner with OTAs, you can also showcase what you're offering, helping your guests find what they need and the types of adventures they want. Campers will have a much better idea if the campground you have will suit their travel needs and provide them with the amenities and experiences they are searching for.

Maintain Separate Branding

When you use a modern reservation system, you can develop branding and logos that are property-specific. That creates a strong sense of professionalism, along with a feeling of consistency throughout your multi property management system.

On the back end, it also allows owners to maintain individual details, information, and inventory, along with separate banking and more. That way, each property is managed individually but all the properties are handled in a seamless manner.

Use Dynamic Reporting and Pricing

You need a reservation system that combines data from all properties, but that can also gather data from a specific selection. RMS offers more than 200 reports, including a real-time snapshot of profitability and performance to meet your management needs. With dynamic pricing, you can feel good about what you charge and the value you're giving to your guests no matter how often they visit one of your properties or the demand for reservations throughout various seasons.

Share Guest Records To Eliminate Duplicate Data

Guest details and data can be easily shared across properties, in order to eliminate duplicate records and enable a more seamless marketing experience. You can control the information that is shared and who can see it, which helps ensure data privacy and security for all your guests. If they feel secure, they're much more likely to book with you, ask questions, and let you know the kinds of experiences they're looking for, so you can improve your properties and meet more guests' needs.

Centralize Your Communication

Segmenting your database can be done using a range of criteria, so you can target boaters and campers with messages and promotions that are relevant to their needs. A quality multi property management system is one that makes it easy to communicate, so you can continue to sell to your guests even in off-season times. When you have all your data and information in one place, and it's searchable, it's far easier to see who you want to reach out to and what you want to say to them.

The Right Reservation System Will Empower Your Business and Your Staff

Ready to take your campgrounds and other properties to the next level? Download the ultimate guide to all-in-one software, and find out how the right reservation system can help grow your business and streamline your day-to-day operations.