Guest Rewards

A loyalty program can help you drive repeat visits to your property, reduce acquisition costs and make a big difference to your bottom line by giving guests an incentive to return again and again. Research shows that 52% of loyal customers will join a loyalty program if given the option, 39% will spend more even if there are cheaper options elsewhere, and 60% will tell friends and family about their favorite brands.

RMS Guest Rewards allows properties to create their own bespoke rewards program that encourages guest engagement and brand loyalty. The module enables guests to earn points for stays and activities, and redeem points for credits on their account. Setup by the property is straightforward, with customizable reward ratios - i.e. dollars spent to points earned, and points earned to guest credit - that make sense for their business model and fit their existing brand.

Staff can enroll an existing guest in the property’s database in the loyalty program with one click, making it quick and hassle-free for guests to join the program and start earning points. Points are automatically allocated to guest accounts based on their stay and activity spend, and can be redeemed as a payment type within RMS so staff can apply points to guest accounts when guests want to use their rewards.

With RMS Guest Rewards, the more guests stay and spend, the more they are rewarded, and the more your business will reap the benefits of loyal, happy guests.

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