Managed Groups

RMS offers multiple group management tools to make booking groups at your property easier. Our group allotments allow properties to block a number of room/site types over a set of dates, so members of that group can book individual reservations within the block. Properties can track the status of the group, allow overbookings, and set a release date to move unbooked rooms/sites from the block back into general inventory.

Group reservation functionality gives properties flexibility in managing a group of rooms/sites booked together over a set of dates. Properties can specify group rates, split charges or bill charges to the main account for the group, add additional rooms or sites to the group reservation, record notes and upload documents such as contracts. Meeting space can also be tied to a specific group for tracking and billing purposes.

RMS makes group reservations simple for guests as well. Reservations can be made through our built-in online booking engine using a group code, ensuring that only the inventory held for that group is shown to the guest. If the main contact wants to know who has already booked, a list of current reservations can be pulled and sent directly to them so they can keep track of their group as well.

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