Owner Accounting

RMS allows you to easily manage a property with multiple owners of individual rooms, units or sites. Using the owner accounting module, you can associate owners to specific rooms within the system, and pay out a certain amount of reservation revenue from those rooms to their owners. Save time and resources by automating expenses to be billed to the owners and go against the payout to the owner, no matter the fee type. Fee types that can be billed to owners include percentage-based commissions, housekeeping fees, monthly fees, credit card processing fees and more. You can also take advantage of a variety of reports to help you manage and communicate with owners, including owner statements.

Not only does the RMS owner accounting module allow you to manage a business that has owners of individual rooms or sites, but it also includes access to the owners portal. This powerful tool allows owners to log in to a special view of the areas or rooms that they own within a property, and manage their own units. Give your owners access to create or modify their own reservations, export their own statements and more. These options can be enabled or disabled independently, giving you complete control over what owners have access to within the portal.

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