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Find out what customers are expecting from self-service providers.

Over the past year, the hospitality industry has seen a tremendous increase in the need for self-service technology. Throughout the entire guest experience, travelers look for the ability to take control of their trip. Beneficial both for the guest and the hotel, self-service is an important part of hospitality’s future
In this webinar, hear from Self-Service experts Julie Grieve of Criton, Michael Zutterlund of Ariane Kiosk, and Heath McOrist of BookMeBob as they share insights on:
  • How to meet travelers' new expectations from check-in to check-out
  • Gain insights into future trends with technology and hospitality 
  • Understand what to look for when determining self-service options for your property
  • Learn how to maximize your hospitality tech stack to improve the guest experience

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Our Hospitality Experts Include:

Julie Grieve

Julie Grieve
Founder & CEO

Michael Zutterlund of Ariane Kiosk

Michael Zutterlund
Chief Product Officer

Heath McOrist of BookMeBob

Heath McOrist
VP of Golf Sales & Hotels

Book Me Bob